Product quality

With each and every day, we develop our technologies, improve the quality and look for new ideas in order to bring satisfaction and happiness for our clients and partners. The professionals working for RUBO are taking good care of the products, our customers and our business partners.

Raw materials

The raw materials are of a great importance for RUBO, considering they signify for the quality of our produce. In order to ensure that only the highest quality raw material is packaged under our brand, we buy it from both local and foreign producers. Regular on-site inspections of our suppliers are performed and every purchase undergoes an inspection once it arrives at the factory.

2. Quality control

Our highly trained and experienced workers use various technologies to check the quality of the raw materials. Additionally, the production process and the packaging itself are strictly observed, so that we can ensure only the best of the product will reach our customers.

Moreover the company undergoes regular tests by experts of the Food Inspection Agency.


Our packaging technology ensures that each product is placed in the most suitable packaging. For RUBO, it is of paramount importance once packaged, spices to be protected from any external factors that can damage their integrity and quality.

Finished goods

The conditions under which the goods are kept and the organization of the warehouses are of great importance for us, so we make sure everything is done according to the highest standards. In order to avoid the mutual impact of packaged products, they are stored separately, on palettes and shelves. Good ventilation system is present and sunlight is controlled. The rooms are with law relative humidity and very well air-conditioned.