About RuBo

RUBO is established in 2000 and is specialized in packaging and selling spices and spice mixtures. The main factory is located in Novi Pazar, Bulgaria. Here we receive the raw materials, package and store the finished goods. The administration and the logistics are set also in this building. The main distribution starts from this factory, however for the past few years many small offices have been opened in various cities around the country. This helps the distribution process and increased the market share tremendously.

A team of well-educated and knowledgeable professionals is working day by day to ensure we offer top quality products in the best possible manner. Innovation, dedication and hard work kept us on top for more than fifteen years.

Nowadays the company is one of the leaders on the market and managed to gain a solid customer basis in Bulgaria. We manage to build a wide product list consisting of various local and foreign spices and spice mixtures and create a brand, which is very well known on the Bulgarian market.

The company is certified by HACCP, which guaranties the safety and the quality of the products that we distribute.

The products with the brand “RUBO” can be found in the big supermarkets as well as in the small local shops across the country